Auto Maintenance in Santa Fe, NM

It is important to keep up with your car's service needs. You can learn more about the maintenance required by your vehicle by reading the service schedule in its owner's manual. Automotive Resources is a true dealership alternative, which means we can provide any car with the maintenance it needs to keep on running like a top. Give us a call any time your import or domestic vehicle is due for auto maintenance in Santa Fe. Remember, denying your vehicle of preventative maintenance will only lead to major trouble for the engine, transmission and other systems of your car.

Scheduled Maintenance

A 30-60-90K scheduled maintenance service plan is created by the vehicle manufacturer as the car is being developed. It contains the necessary services to keep a car running smooth, and generally requires a trip to the mechanic every 30,000 miles. While many people believe you have to take your vehicle to the dealer, this simply isn't true. At Automotive Resources we can complete these services for you at a lower cost, while still maintaining your vehicle's warranty.

Oil Change in Santa Fe

In order to avoid expensive engine repair or replacement be sure to always complete oil changes on time. Generally performed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, these services keep the interior of your engine well lubricated to prevent metal on metal friction that can cause your engine to seize up and die. Oil changes are also great for restoring fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Tune ups

Tune ups are not something scheduled in your car's service manual, but instead are conducted as needed in order to improve a car's performance and fuel efficiency. These services may include fuel injector cleaning, new spark plugs and wires, battery check, fuel system cleaning, fuel filter and air filter replacement and more, all to keep your car healthy! If your car is between major services and is running rough, it's time for a tune up.

Timing Belt Replacement

The timing belt is what keeps the inside parts of your engine moving in sync. While some cars utilize a timing chain, which doesn't need to be replaced, some manufacturers opt for the belt because it makes less noise. For most vehicles it needs to be replaced every 75,000 to 105,000 miles. Check your owner's manual and then call us to make an appointment when it's time for timing belt service.

Any time you need auto maintenance in Santa Fe call Automotive Resources. There is no service that we can't complete for your vehicle. It is our goal to leave you with a car that you can operate worry free!